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Season 3 Episode 1: Running a Hospital in Boomtown

In this episode of the JTaylor Healthcare Podcast, Kyle and Herd explore the career path that shaped Russell Meyers into his role and who he is today. The episode will navigate through stories of success and how Russell overcame barriers that his community faced. A leader of a West Texas hospital and care provider, Russell M

Celebrating a lifelong career, Russell Meyers reflects on his path to becoming a leader in the healthcare industry. Russell started out as a young executive in the Texas Medical Center, quickly became an integral part of the Columbia/HCA merger and held several chief executive roles up and down the Gulf Coast. Inspired to go back to his roots, where the community’s health is the priority, Russell joined Midland Memorial Hospital as President in November 2002. Over the past 20 years he has been running a hospital in the boomtown of Midland, Texas and has led Midland Memorial through all the challenges and changes that come with the boom / bust cycle of an oil patch town. With a recent focus on expanding access to behavioral health, Russell has been able to leave behind a positive impact on the lives of many, serving the Permian Basin community and its people.

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