JTaylor incorporates into each valuation the unique facts and circumstances of the specific transaction or situation. In every valuation engagement, we strive to serve you with precision and timeliness while adhering to applicable professional standards and regulatory considerations. Our team includes credentialed valuation professionals (ABV and CVA) to provide the expertise required to effectively address the nuances of each unique situation.

  • JTaylor can assist you with the following valuation services:
  • Business Enterprise Valuations
  • Buy-In / Buy-Out Calculations
  • Purchase Price Allocations
  • Succession Planning and Value Enhancement Consulting
  • Estate and Gift Tax Reporting

Whether you need guidance in enhancing the value of your business in anticipation of a future transaction, determining appropriate buy/sell provisions for your governing documents or calculating buy/sell value upon the entrance or exit of a partner, or complying with tax reporting requirements, JTaylor’s valuation team can help.

JTaylor has extensive experience performing valuations for estate and gift tax reporting purposes. Subjects of valuations for this purpose include both wholly owned businesses as well as minority interests in family-owned operating or holding companies. We often work with legal counsel, real estate appraisers, mineral asset appraisers, and others to perform valuations that meet professional and IRS standards and regulations. Our team includes credentialed valuation professionals who have the knowledge and experience to consider the valuation approaches that fit your unique circumstances.

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