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Our people are what matters most. We believe that each of us has a gift and it is up to each of us to cultivate that gift and pursue our passion. We care about our people and want each employee to experience fulfillment in their career at JTaylor. We also acknowledge that our team consists of a diverse group of people with varying skills and interests. As such, a “one-size-fits-all” growth plan is not utilized at JTaylor. Instead, we expose each employee to a variety of clients and projects within the divisions to determine where their skills and interests can best be deployed.

We believe that our values allow us to effectively serve clients while also supporting each other. Creating balance between our personal and professional lives is challenging in such a fast-paced and demanding industry. There are times when we are required to meet strict deadlines for our clients while also trying to meet personal commitments. By leaning on each other and building up trust among our teams we have been able to create a work environment that allows us to support our own mental health and families as well as serving our clients with the quality work they deserve.

Coaching and Development

Our coaching program is devised to empower our people to maximize their growth and success at JTaylor. From day one, each employee is assigned a career coach, a seasoned employee who is heavily invested in the success of the assigned employee’s career. Personal development is key to our overall success, so we strive to help develop leadership skills and assist employees with reaching their full potential.

Here at JTaylor, we want you to feel connected to our firm and confident in your new role from the moment you join our team. That is why we established a buddy system, which is designed to eliminate uncertainty and instead provide guidance, clarity, and assistance as needed. We encourage open dialogue among peers by creating a collaborative learning environment in which our interns and new associates are empowered to raise questions and as a result become more quickly integrated as an effective member of the team.

Business development is also fostered early in the career by encouraging staff to make connections in a “safe” space with their peers. While there are no specific sales expectations for entry-level staff, we encourage everyone on the team to participate in business development. This can take the form of attending conferences or other networking events, participating in development calls and meetings, and building a professional network. We believe that starting these activities early in your career provides the best foundation for development opportunities as you gain more experience and advance to higher levels of responsibility.