Healthcare Analytics

Hospital executives drowning in data can benefit from a trusted advisor to help organize, analyze, and make sense of it all. JTaylor’s consultants leverage our experience to utilize data to derive insights and drive action. We offer a variety of healthcare analytic solutions backed by technology and informed by decades of healthcare financial and operational experience, including the following:

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards
    JTaylor can build customized reporting dashboards that offer a common reference for operational and financial metrics. Our dashboards are built using the latest in data visualization and drill-down technology, allowing executives to see the big picture while directors and managers are able to find the tiniest needle in a very large haystack.
  • Pricing Intelligence
    JTaylor offers a suite of pricing intelligence solutions to optimize commercial revenue and enhance your organization’s bottom line. These solutions are backed by rigorous analyses developed using real data.
    • Rate Benchmarking – Compare your contracted commercial rates to the local market.
    • Contracting Strategy – Develop a data-driven strategy to optimize commercial contract terms.
    • Revenue Enhancement – Assess commercial contract performance using detailed historical data to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Service Line Profitability
    ⁠In today’s competitive environment, it is critical to understand service line profitability and how cross-subsidization of service lines creates vulnerabilities. Service line profitability analyses will empower you to stay ahead of pricing pressures and develop effective strategies to enhance your organization’s financial performance.
  • Strategic Planning
    When developing strategic initiatives, there are a multitude of factors to consider: site of service reimbursement differentials, commercial managed care reimbursement levels, regulatory changes, operational expense levels, and more. JTaylor’s skilled team can develop detailed revenue models and simulations that will provide solid analytical footing for any strategic plan. Further, we use data analytics to develop market studies, demand estimates, and detailed forward-looking financial models to help executives, boards, and other decision-makers evaluate and develop strategic initiatives vital for long-term success.

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