The construction industry brings together specializing reporting, complex tax issues, unique economic trends, regional differentiation, nuanced specializations, and other challenges. As a result, you cannot settle for a firm aiming to being a “jack of all trades”. Instead, you need a team invested in the construction industry to provide the expertise you need and deserve.

Effectively run construction projects require foresight, planning, assembling top talent in a variety of specialty areas, and coordinating everything to come together at the right time. We appreciate that skillset and apply them in our assurance efforts. We have a dedicated team of professionals with experience in audit, review, and consulting services within the industry, including individuals with over 20 years working with the construction industry. Our experience and ongoing training ensure that we can be the strategic partner you need to address issues such as:

  • Specialized financial reporting
  • Cyclical operations
  • Revenue recognition
  • Complex tax matters
  • Regulatory and compliance issues
  • Material and labor price trends
  • Overhead allocations
  • Significant estimates
  • Unique fraud risks
  • Financing considerations
  • Job costing systems and techniques
  • Internal controls

JTaylor’s experience in the construction industry will not only ensure that we are qualified to handle the unique accounting considerations that impact your business, but also provide you valuable insight.

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