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The JTaylor Healthcare Podcast Episode 8- Moving Forward By Looking Back

2021 was quite the year (to put it very mildly) and 2022 has had an equally interesting start as well.

In the first episode of the JTaylor Healthcare podcast for 2022, Kyle and Herd reflect back on what was 2021 and dive into areas of healthcare that the nation is focusing on for 2022. Areas such as the healthcare M&A rally, the more pressured push for price transparency, care delivery innovation, and others are reflected upon in order to move forward in 2022 by looking back in this episode of the JTaylor Healthcare Podcast.

Congressional Budget Office Article: The Prices That Commercial
Health Insurers and Medicare Pay for Hospitals’ and Physicians’ Services ⁠Link:

Listen to "Episode 8- Moving Forward By Looking Back- 2021 Reflections and What 2022 Holds for the Future" on Spreaker.

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